Peer to Peer Blockchain Media Networks this week on Blockchain Weekly

Please come and be my guest for a Live, Interactive Webcast Wednesday November 14th on Blockchain Weekly!

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This week, Peer to Peer Blockchain Media Networks with-

Jon Gillham - Co-Founder at Adbank is an ad platform based on blockchain technology designed to eliminate the middlemen in online advertising while dramatically reducing ad fraud using artificial intelligence (AI).

Ryan Charleston - Blockchain Community & Marketing Director for Polyient Polyient nurtures strong entrepreneurs at the earliest stages!

Wyatt Hoover Executive Director + Partner CryptoBlockCon CryptoBlockCon convenes hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss the future benefits & possibilities of blockchain technology

Interested in hearing Jon, Ryan, and Wyatt talk about the latest Peer to Peer Blockchain Media Networks or in asking questions about Blockchain's future in a live online environment? Then we invite you to join us on November 14th at 2 pm EST (11:00 PST) for a Live, Online, Virtual Q&A @Shindig Event.

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Every Wednesday - 2:00pm EST / 11:00 PST

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The rise of Digital Investment Banking

Investment Banking used to be a highly innovative industry, but cost reduction, compliance, and restructuring have trumped the development of new client-centric ideas in recent years. Years of cost-cutting have weakened the structures and culture that once encouraged innovation. Technological and entrepreneurial talent has recognized this stagnation and begun to turn to other industries. Continued Regulatory pressure, technical debt, and the massive sunk cost of legacy systems also serve as barriers to innovation. Learn more

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